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My Company

I've been a Gutter Contractor in Portland, Oregon since 1993 and have evolved to do a lot of custom copper work for our Clients across the Nation, and a few in Canada, but shipping up there has proven to be cost prohibitive. You can read more about my business and see thousands of full screen photos of my work on my web site:


David Rich
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
A bit about me:
I was raised as a Mormon in Utah, where we were located just 20 miles North of Salt Lake City. This is now an area where you will see 2 or 3 LDS Church steeples from most any vantage point. You either were an active Mormon, which means you are then reactivated, or you would eventually move as a result of their gentle yet frequent persuasions.

I was a bit of a geek; who thought it was best to be nice to girls to get their attention. Silly me. Of course I see the 'bad boys' make the girls swoon. I've since struggled against the oppressive chauvinistic Dogma of Mormonism, and I feel much healthier now identifying as Pagan. I seem to have a better sense of ethical responsibility than most any other Mormon Businessman I've met or read about, so that kind of shows what a sham that cult must be. If this were not the case then their strict moral code would have made a much larger impact on the business world as a whole; in order to compete with so many 'Ethical Mormon Businessmen', and perhaps our environment would not be in such dire straights as it is. To read more about Ethical Responsibility check out my personal philosophy web site:

Back in 1984 at the age of 21 I was married to my first Wife. A few years later we had 3 Daughters between 1988 to 92. That Marriage had lasted 14 long years. Towards the end of that stressful co-dependent relationship I had discovered my Ex was not just rather odd as I had expected of women to be, but found out she was actually mentally ill. I was encouraged by her Psychologist to get her on SSI for mental disability, and towards the end I was having her see Psychiatrist as well. When she left I had finally got a chance to clean up our house; where I literally hauled off 7 tons of garbage to the dump in just 3 weeks of nonstop work 10+ hours a day 7 days a week. I was scrambling in fear of her return.

She took our Daughters with her only to collect welfare and food stamps, but never had much of a natural maternal inclination, and had very little to do with them those following years due to the State intervention to transfer custody over to her younger Sister, who was not much better, so they continued to live in filth and poverty. That was back in mid 1998 to present, which happen to be just before my business really taken off; without her holding me back so much. Her leaving was a blessing, since I could never have gotten rid of her otherwise. Although, the high price my Daughters and I paid was quite a lot; running myself into bankruptcy trying to fight for custody. She felt the need to ruin the good relationship I had with my Daughters to maintain custody, which she lost to WA State shortly after that.

Life is meant to be challenging. As an example you wouldn't bother spending much time playing a video game that was too easy, right?

About 5 months after that split I was destine to meet my Soulmate: Tia through an on-line dating site called In less than 2 hours after I posted a sarcastic ad she had written me. We both felt such a connection over the next 2 weeks that we hand-fasted; exchanging vows w/gold rings, yet we had not even kissed yet. Although, just hours later we had gotten to know each other on a tantric level:…

She had helped awaken my Celtic heritage and spiritual path. We are still happily together with a Son as the product of our love named Torrin, who was born on Halloween 2000 (not intentionally). I now have 2 children born on holidays. My youngest Daughter was born on Valentine. I try to treat our relationship as if do not have ownership over Tia. I am just fortunate she still likes to hang with me and life is good. We profit none to obligate a person to stick with us from a decision they may have made years ago. That thought would only serve to foster resentment and all too often taking that person for granted.

She worked in my business for a few years, but has fulfilled her dream to become a Midwife. She also works preparing placentas for consumption by the Birth-Mother, Herbalist, Hypno-birthing, Reiki Master, Craniosacral, Lactation Consultant, and other healing services through her web site: I am very proud of her.

Yes, you will see lots of sexy images here on my DA profile, and I am not ashamed to admit this is a passion for me. I mean no offense to those prudes who would be mortified by images of sensuality. You are welcome to be frank with me. I can take it. I will tell you that I will continue to pursue photographing sexy nude women and sharing those images here. Work is swell and pays the bills, but looking at sexy women is more what I live for. You should consider how this is quite natural. An important part of the cycle of life. Without our sex drive being what it is Humanity would die off, and I will not be ashamed to be a part of this natural cycle. I do not violate or oppress women. They come to me quite willing and eager. I pay them, I do not touch them, and they leave unscathed.

You are welcome to your offer me your opinion on what ever crusade you want to take on, but I am sure you can realize how there are much more important issues you should focus on; like rape and many other offenses to women who are mistreated, which are a huge problems in our society and all over the world. I do not cheat on my Wife. I am not an offender of women. I never even grope women. I honor women in this way they want to be shown in these images showing their beauty and strength to not let society dictate how they mush live and behave.

Current Residence: S. W. Portland, Oregon
Favorite genre of music: Female singers of modern, Indigo, and Folk
Favorite style of art: Artistic erotica
Operating System: Win 7
MP3 player of choice: IPod Touch, IPhone 6S, IPad
Wallpaper of choice:…
Favorite cartoon character: Dawn by Michael Linsner
Personal Quotes: 'Pay it Forward' , 'Conform, Go Crazy, or Become an Artist' , 'An it harms non, do as ye will', 'My karma ran over your dogma'
by Darrian-Ashoka,  first written 9/16. Then revised 2/17

A recent a new pal on Deviant Art web community took the time to reach out to me with some kind comments of praise, which is the only payments I can realistically expect to receive for all I put out there to the public. He had asked how long I've been at photography, and if I need to edit those images. He inspired me to add this entry to my blog:

    In an effort to create more than just document family snapshots I began capturing images on film back in the early 80's using my Canon AE-1 SLR camera with a 50mm lens, so it has been a while since I got serious about making art on film. I had experimented with different types of lighting, long exposures on a tripod, and other tricks like dual exposure. At the turn of the century I switched over to digital photography for it's speed and versatility to see and manipulate those images without the need for a darkroom, but being in it's infancy those digital images were small and not terribly clear. They were good for generating screen size images for my web site, but creative artistic shots were quite limited and not at all usable for printing, so my artistic side had been put in the closet for a while. My main focus was providing for my family as I built up my sheet metal business, and artistic photography was not going to pay the bills.

    These small digital images looked fine on a computer monitor display, so I was able to use what I knew of photography to promote my sheet metal business on-line to potential Clients all across the Nation with better images than are normally shared. This has given my business an edge, not seen with most sheet metal shops.

    Since then I have added a catalog of over 7,000 images of my work on my web sites and social media to show what I have designed and built for my Clients over the years, which has helped me to grow a strong reputation. This inspires new Clients to have faith in my ability and lay down thousands of dollars for their project, so that has helped a great deal.

    While getting good shots of my creative sheet metal work is rewarding it is still far more interesting to capture unique people and other subjects, so I will commonly be seen traveling around with a digital camera that was more expensive than most people's used car.

    I had only gotten much more serious with my passion for the art of photography these last few years. In 2005 digital photography had finally advanced enough with the development of a 12 meg sensor to actually compete with film to produce good clear prints larger than a sheet of paper. It has even exceed film these days with as much as a 50 meg sensor in a standard size DSLR camera, as long as there is proper lighting on the subject, or the use of a long exposure using a sturdy tripod to take advantage of the lowest possible ISO setting and an aperture above 10. Although, I find a lot of 'Professional Photographers' still do not seem to grasp this basic concept, and are wasting the potential of their expensive equipment.

    I find it wild that the dynamics of digital photography is so close to that of film, where it still takes a lot of light to capture a good clear quality image using studio light to jack up the candle power over 10X that is normal indoor lighting. Without that kind of candle power you will not be able to capture a decent image with vibrant color that is suitable for sizable printing. It should look just as clear when viewing at full resolution as it does reduced down to monitor size. These days most any modern digital camera can take amazing pictures if you have enough light on your subject.  If not you would do just as well capturing that precious moment with the tiny camera built into your smart-phone.

    No matter what sort of good lighting I have to work with pretty much every image I take still needs some editing work, besides just putting my logo on it. I need to work them over in an image editing program that is commonly refereed to as 'photoshop', but I have not used Photoshop by Adobe since before the year 2000, because it is too expensive to keep upgraded and not very user-friendly. I have found another program called ACDSee that is a lot easier and faster to use, yet is also the most unstable program I have ever used. Over the last 2 decades they keep improving it's features, yet their software engineers are still clueless as how to make those features not crash their program, and their customer service has proven to be even more clueless. I've stuck with it, since any of the other programs I've tried are not even close to their user-friendly features. They more recently made a Mac version, but it is horrible compared to their PC software. They market other programs, but from what I can tell they are pretty much worthless.

    Over the last 2 decades I have edited well over a million digital images of my own and many others. Each of the best images I select for processing seems to need some alteration. Such as some rotation, perspective correction, adjust the exposure, contrast, color balance, crop the image, erase moles and other blemishes. Once that processing is done then I can add my logo after it meets with my approval. Not necessarily all in that order, but you get the idea how this is not just a quick and simple process. In an hour I may only be able to work over a few images. It is clearly the most time consuming part of this process. Just making these decisions for each aspect can be exhaustively tedious, since there is so many different ways to go about this to achieve the best end result. Then more hours spent to upload thousands of images each year and add some text to tell it's story for each set of images.

    For all these thousands of hours I spend on this I've not even made enough to cover the cost of the equipment I've invested in, so I must do this for the passion of it alone and wanting to share them with those who might appreciate their merit.

    I imagine I could make a living with photography if I applied myself to that goal with all my intention, but I am far to busy running my sheet metal business; having been booked out 4 to 6 moths consistently over the last decade. Even all through the recession of the Bush era. That's what pays the bills, and I would be a fool to drop all that to work towards a career in photography. Especially when there are already too many people who claim to be a 'Professional Photographer', which seems to be easier these days than to be a musician.

    Yet most of them are still quite clueless as to how a camera works, understand decent quality standards, or how image editing works. If they are shooting hand held without studio lights they are just a hack, and those images will not be any better than any common snapshot we can all manage to capture. No matter how much they may have spent on their camera gear it take more than that to capture a high quality image. Even the most expensive camera out there cannot capture high quality images in low light situations, like you have tried to capture in a concert from down in the crowd, and later realize how badly they turned out.

    You will see plenty of images of a seemingly sexual nature, and I will not apologize for this. It is all part of the natural order of life and procreation, and should be celebrated. We are wired this way and should be ashamed of this, or shunned. We should instead he repulsed by all the glorified violence we see in the media, yet we eat that up and seek more destructive imagery and stories. If you look over my FB and DA profiles you will see I have also shared many other subject matter there, so my interests are not only that of sexy female forms, which I do see for more than the just the eroticism.

    I do not touch the models I photograph. While I am capturing images of nude models I am not even getting aroused. I am concentrating on lighting, focus points, and composition. I could not be thinking of them in that way during the photo shoot. They might as well be a sea shell. Even when I am editing those images with all the focus I need to put into that process I rarely if ever am aroused.

    If I had not shared these images I cannot truly call myself a photographer. For what is capturing a moment like these if there is no one else to show them to. Like as how strange it would be to paint hundreds of pictures, yet never let anyone else see them. I can see how 99% of my fans on social media will not even take the time to say thanks, let alone shell out the nominal 10 points to see the amazing detail of my full resolution images, which would be clear and detailed enough for printing poster size wall art. Only a few will even bother to take the time to say 'Hi' with a comment of the images I share so freely. So be it. I must find the inspiration else where.

    Just the joy I may have brightened some strangers day with this food for the soul for what ever brief moment they will take to gaze upon what I have shared with them, even if they never say 'thanks'. I seem to remain driven regardless, and this passion just seems to be growing with each passing day.  
I hope this was an interesting insight to this aspect of my life.


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